The author wishes to publicly acknowledge the following people for their help and support in the process of bringing forth this book:

Jaren Watson, for his early belief and many deft readings; the BHC (Jaren Watson, Josh Foster, Greg Fox, James Best, and Matt Babcock); early writing teachers Jim Papworth and Jack Harrell; later teachers and mentors Anthony Swofford, Scott Spencer, Marilynne Robinson, Charles D’Ambrosio, and Ethan Canin; close friends Shandi Hughes, Sterling Holywhitemountain, Tom Macher, Ian Breen, Teal Minton, Ryan Lenz, Jeff Snowbarger, Mike Judd, and Richard Jude Rodriguez; other friends and peers at the Workshop for reading (suffering) early and at length; Megan Mena for help in cover design; the skilled and good people at THP: Mark Bailey for support and belief throughout, Kirsten Johanna Allen for deft edits, a clear vision, and talented PR efforts, and Anne Terashima for a welcome edits and an objective and valuable view; Spencer Dixon for help with this website; my parents, Ronald and Carolee Hepner; all family and friends who offered support and belief; and my dear wife, Elizabeth.


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