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Jaren Watson


 Jeffrey Snowbarger


Tom Macher




Joe Griffin




Ian-Breen                    5chapters

Ian Breen (




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Joshua Foster

Read more of Joshua Foster’s published work, including a recently published essay in Tin House, at The Salty Beatnik.



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Charlie Quimby, author of Monument Road and The Undoing



Susan Imhoff Bird, author of Of Woman and Wolf








Mary Sojourner, author of 29, Going Through Ghosts, and She Bets Her Life



Scott Abbott, author of Wild Rides, Wildflowers: Philosophy and Botany with Bikes, and Fictions of Freemasonry: Freemasonry and the German Novel, among other titles

David Kranes, author of The Legend’s Daughter, and Low Tides in the Desert



Jay Treiber, author of Spirit Walk




Erica Olsen, author of Recapture








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